Our Contribution

Every year Crown’s Australian resorts attract approximately 29 million visitors making them amongst Australia’s most visited tourist attractions.

ACIL Allen Consulting  estimated the economic contribution to Australian real GDP of Crown’s Australian resorts is up to $4.5 billion with Crown Melbourne contributing up to $3.1 billion and Crown Perth contributing up to $1.4 billion.

Direct and indirect full time employment impact estimated1 to be up to 26,000 people associated with Crown’s Australian resorts with up to 17,100 people at Crown Melbourne and up to 8,900 at Crown Perth.

Tax Contribution

Crown contributes two-thirds of its pre-tax profits to governments**.

Revenue from International Visitors

Approx. $1.3 billion of Crown’s $3.3 billion revenue in FY15 was estimated to be generated from international visitors.

In this section you will find more detailed information on Crown’s economic contribution but also our investment in Indigenous recruitment, the environment, community and responsible gaming initiatives.

**Taxes paid to Australian governments on Australian profits